Mudra for Regularising the Menstruation

Published: 04th February 2011
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Mudra for Regularising the Menstruation

To form this mudra as shown in figure cross the fingers of both hand in such a way that the tips of both thumb should touch each other. Fore-finger of right hand should be pressed between the fore finger and middle finger of left hand. Middle finger of right hand should be placed on the top of middle and ring finger but below little finger of left hand. Insert ring finger of right hand between fore finger and middle finger of left hand and place it below the all rest fingers of left hand. Now place the Little finger of right hand on the top of little finger of left hand.


Practise of this yog mudra helps in overcoming the problem of irregular menstruation in a natural way. This mudra relaxes the muscles and nerves which are under constant stress, strain and irritation. Practise of this yog mudra checks the over bleeding, soothes the abdomen and makes the throbbing brain-cells rest.This mudra if practised with other natural remedies and with some specific yoga posturesand especially Pran Mudra can also ease menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding, pelvic discomfort and the low back pain associated with menses. If this mudra is practised with proper dhyan and healthy diet it helps in smoothing out the emotional rough edges some women encounter at this time of their cycle.

MeditationTherapy :

• Sit in any comfortable asan or lie down in Shavasan.

• Now relax the whole body, one by one very slowly right from toes to the top. This relaxation will give the feeling of pleasure to the mind and whole body.

• Keep the hands in above mentioned mudra.

• As the body is relaxed the respiration will become slower and slower.

• Now bring your whole awareness on your breaths. Try to concentrate on the breathing procedure. Do not try to control the breaths just witness it. Try to visualize the breaths. How the air is going in and coming out of the body.

• Now concentrate on Swadhisthan Chakra and meditate on the White colour in the centre of genital region.It has a lotus with six petals.

• Take a deep breath and start chanting the beej Mantra VANG and feel the vibration of this beej mantra in the below abdominal region again and again. Continue to focus your awareness at your Swadhisthan Chakra for five minutes or Remain in this state for as long as you wish.

• As the body is relaxed the breathing will become more and more slower. Simultaneously mind will also achieve the level of calmness and peace. Try to remain in this condition for few minutes as per your wish.

• After some time when you want to come back, become aware of your body step by step. First bring awareness towards the breaths, then body parts right from top to the toes slowly. Now make the slowly open your eyes and with slow movements of the body parts come back in normal position.

Body Cleansing Kriyas :

Yogic body cleaning processes known as Shatkarmas are extremely powerful in that they work on specific areas of the body that have the maximum impact upon our health. These detoxification techniques are a sort of cleansing that helps the body rid itself of toxins. When the different systems of the body have been purified, the overall result is that energy can flow through the body freely. One's capacity to work, think, digest, taste, feel, experience, etc., increases and greater awareness develops.


Abdominal Mud Pack and Hip Bath are best treatment in the Naturopathy, which are very beneficial in lowering the problem. One great feature of these treatments is that you don’t need any special equipment and can easily go at your own pace.

Other Remedies:

Try to avoid stress.

Try to control the diet and avoid more spicy, oily, hot and junk food and especially chilly in the food. Women

Try to take more green leaf vegetable like palak, bathua, Methi, sarsoetc as they are rich in iron especially for the anaemic patients. Fruits like banana, anar, papaya are also very good. Cereals and Black Chana are good to take.

Increase the intake of Water upto 10 to 12 glasses.

Let me discuss further regarding mudras and especially this Mudra on which we have done years of research to let females in regularising the mensuration

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